Non Scale Victory Friday!

After a couple busy weeks it was nice to finally have a week that was relatively stress free without much going on. I have a fun weekend planned though. I’m excited to meet a friend of mine for happy hour tonight and then my boyfriend and I have tickets to see Miranda Lambert on Saturday.

Onto my non scale victories for the week:

  1. I’m working on how I view my results which I wrote about here. It’s not going to happen overnight but it was nice to be able to see progress in something that I really haven’t been able to before then.
  2. I went running twice this week despite having a lot of stupid things working against me (like forgetting to pack my sports bra meaning I had to go home and get it instead of going straight to the park).
  3. Grad school (hopefully) starts next week (long story) so I forwent one of my runs to spend an extra day with my boyfriend before my schedule picks up for the semester. The extra time was so nice and definitely needed.

That’s all there is! Share your non scale victories below. Happy Friday and have a terrific weekend!

Then and Now

So I’ve thrown away my scale. I stopped counting calories. I don’t use a tape measure to measure my various body parts unless I’m ordering clothes online. I’m running more, and incorporating other exercises into my routine (some more successfully than others!). I don’t eat when I’m sad, stressed out or angry anymore. I love the changes I’ve incorporated, and overall, I feel so much healthier.

That doesn’t stop the fact that I want to see results. This past weekend I confessed to my boyfriend that I was a bit discouraged. Lots of people have been telling me that I look great, I’m fitting into smaller clothes and most importantly I feel healthier. I’m proud of myself for not falling back into comfortable but unhealthy habits. However, I haven’t been able to see the changes.

I look in the mirror and I don’t see a difference. In my mind I look like I did before and while I’m certainly not negating the positive feedback I’ve gotten, it would be nice if I could see it myself.

It’s hard though, changes like this don’t happen overnight. I’m never going to go to sleep one size and wake up the next day smaller. It’s a subtle difference so when I look at myself in the mirror day to day it’s a lot harder to see a difference than when I have a friend that hasn’t seen me for a month or two.

My boyfriend was awesome, he listened to my frustration and then he sat me down in front of his computer and pulled up my Facebook page and proceeded to go through all my pictures from a year ago or more and then put them side by side with all the pictures that had been taken in the last few months (since I finished whole 30 and after).

Then and Now

It wasn’t immediate, but then I saw these pictures. Both pictures were taken from weddings. The one on the left from March 2013 and the on the right a little over a year later this past June. I think I look fabulous in both (never mind the hair in my eye on the left!) but there is definitely a difference in how I look. Yay for progress, and actually starting to see it!

I Weighed Myself!

Yesterday I broke my no scale rule, stepped on a scale and weighed myself!

Calm down it isn’t that serious! I didn’t actually break any rules, I had a visit to the doctor and it was just routine. There is no point in trying to avoid the scale at a doctor’s office and I made sure not to look at the number on the scale when they were weighing me.

However, I was told by my doctor that I had dropped 11 pounds since I had last seen her. Even though I’m not focusing on my weight or the scale that is still very encouraging. I explained to her that I had gone down a couple dress sizes even and she said that’s a better measure of health anyways. Loved hearing my doctor say that and further confirming what I already suspected. The scale is an arbitrary measurement of health anyways. Win one for me!