Non Scale Victory Update

It’s been a little over six months since I threw away my scale started this blog and started non scale victory Friday. A lot has changed since then, and not just in relation to this blog.

I started grad school, I’m going to be moving soon, so that I’ll be much closer to work (YAY!), and I’m doing my second Whole30. Plus my thinking has changed dramatically. I’m finally able to start seeing the effects the positive changes I’ve made are having on my physical and emotional well being little by little, which is huge.

When I first started this blog I was scared. I was throwing away my scale, and the main way I measured my success (or lack thereof). I needed another way to measure success in my life and so Non Scale Victory Fridays were born. They forced me to seriously think about the successes in my life and write about them weekly.

Well I think it’s run it’s course. It’s getting harder and harder to try to come up with major successes once a week, and not because I’m lacking them or feeling any less positive. Instead, I’d rather write about them as they happen, than wait at the end of the week to include them in a bullet point.

So I’m making a change. Last weeks will be the last Non Scale Victory Friday for this blog, which isn’t to say that Non Scale Victories are going away completely. When I have them I’ll write about them, and give them the recognition they deserve, and if you have victories? Share them in the comments or shoot me an email at My goal, eventually, will be to have a reader’s post series where people talk about their successes in health and fitness, whether you use a scale or not.

How do you like to measure your success?

2 thoughts on “Non Scale Victory Update

  1. It sounds like you have so many wonderful things going on right now and I agree that you should celebrate them EVERY DAY! Not just once a week. You are doing great! (And you’re my Whole30 hero…I could never do it!)

    RIght now I’m measuring my success in miles. I’m just so happy to be running!


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