New Car!!

I have a new car! I have a new car! That’s right, on Saturday I drove away with a brand new Honda Civic! I love it so far and am so incredibly relieved that the entire process is over! It’s blue, which I love, and just overall a great car for me. I mean check it out who wouldn’t love it? Now it just needs a name (Yes, I name my cars).

10665706_10101704609515845_2990235448167453693_n 1962747_10101704609625625_9119149785410296778_n

I am just a tiny bit obsessed.

I was also very excited yesterday to go running with my relay team for the Baltimore relay. Only three of us could make it but I had a great time! I am more of a solo runner and have only run with a group or a friend a handful of times. Mostly because trying to schedule a run with another equally busy person is a headache and a half.

Still we wanted to meet and run together at least once before our race on the 18th. We ran 4.3 miles around Catonsville and it was great. I’ve been very lazy with my running recently, which means I have been giving up way to easily and start walking before I actually should.

Well I wasn’t able to do that this time, because I certainly wasn’t going to start walking if they weren’t going to! To be honest, I didn’t even need to stop and walk, and this was  one of the best runs I’ve had in a long time. My legs were so tired after, probably due to all the hills we ran. I chilled out in my compression sleeves while I ate dinner and I’ll definitely be using the foam roller at my gym again this week!

Did you have any thing exciting happen this weekend?

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