Non Scale Victory Friday!


Another week has passed, and that means it’s Non-Scale Victory Friday! The last two days have been so dreary with all the rain we’ve gotten so I was very happy to see the sun today, just in time for the weekend!

Let me know what your non scale victories for the week are in the comments below and now onto mine!

1. I’ve been using the bag my boyfriend got me for my birthday present, and it’s terrific. My favorite part? My running shoes don’t touch any of my other clothes!


2. I ran twice this week! I’m getting back into my regular schedule, and I’m still not using my GPS watch! Next week will be harder though (I’m so busy!) So I’m going to have to get creative. Maybe some morning workouts? We’ll see, that didn’t work out so well the last time, I do love my snooze button.

3. Yesterday, when I got off work the rain had stopped. Still, I had no idea what it was doing by my house, or what it would be doing 10-60 minutes from then. I opted for working out at the gym at my work instead. It’s the second time I’ve gone there, and I had a great strength training workout, plus….

4. I noticed they had a foam roller and I got unnaturally excited. I have never tried foam rolling, but I’ve heard great things about it, so I went to Pinterest to find exercises found this and got to work. OH MY GOODNESS if you haven’t tried foam rolling you need to stop what you are doing and try it. It hurt so much, but felt so amazing. I had no idea my legs and hips were so tight! There were other people in the gym, so I had to make a conscious effort not to yell out in pain as I was doing it. Needless to say I’m obsessed now.

I'm doing the calves exercise. It's hard to take a foam rolling selfie, so this is what you get.
I’m doing the calves exercise. It’s hard to take a foam rolling selfie, so this is what you get.

Well, have a great weekend, hopefully I’ll have a new car this weekend to show off on Monday!

2 thoughts on “Non Scale Victory Friday!

  1. I did morning workouts this week! Normally I run with Ryan, but he’s been sick with a cold, so instead he’d make sure I got up before he went to work and I went to the RAC to use the treadmill. Not sure if it counts as a victory, since it’s so hard to get up and run, but I love just getting it off my to-do list so early. 🙂


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