Panda watching!

I managed to make some progress on my car search this past weekend (YAY!). Now I know what I want, what I want to pay for it, and all that’s left is actually purchasing it. That should be happening soon!

Other than car shopping I had a great weekend. My mom and I went to the National Zoo together on Sunday. Pandas are my favorite animal, and I hadn’t gotten the chance to see Bao Bao since she was born. She’s a year old but she was still cute, even though I couldn’t see much of her! She was so lazy, not that I blame her I would love to lay around all day!

Let's play find the baby panda!
Let’s play find Bao Bao!
Sleeping and eating, my two favorite things!


There were other animals, besides pandas at the zoo too….

In other news I finally got my birthday present from my boyfriend! A full 34 days late, but who’s counting? To his credit he didn’t forget my birthday it just took this long for it to ship. I have been coveting the Gaiam Everything Fits bag for a while. I change into my running gear at work before I leave and it looked like the perfect option for what I need, plus it’s purple! I especially liked the separate compartment for your shoes so they don’t get everything dirty.

Well being that I don’t tend to hint around for what I want for presents, he knew that I wanted a gym bag that was purple, but had no idea which one I wanted. So he got me a bag for my birthday that he had every intention of returning so that I could be surprised and tell him which one I actually wanted. A couple shipping mishaps later and I got my beautiful bag this past Friday, and so far I love it!

I got it just in time to go running even more this week. It feels so much better to be on a consistent schedule for running that works for me! I heard talk that there’s supposed to be a lot of rain coming. I’m hoping that’s just a dirty lie and I’ll be able to run on Thursday, but if it does it’ll be the perfect excuse to cross train!

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