Keep Calm and Run On!

“Everything happens for a reason, deep breath, repeat.” I feel like that’s all I’ve been repeating for the past 24 hours. Yesterday was a roller coaster of emotions. I had been hoping to start grad school this week but several things were up in the air that would determine whether or not I would be able to actually start. Most of these things required actually being able to pay for classes, you know, important things.

Without going into too much detail I got a lot of answers yesterday and not all of them made me happy, and now I have choices to make. I’ll still be going to class on Wednesday, since I’ll have time to drop the class after if I decide to, and that will afford me a little more time to make a decision.

Suffice it to say it was a lot to wrap my head around, and then to make matters worse, or better (I still really haven’t decided which yet), it was the start of an extremely busy week at work, so I had barely any time to think about all of it.

That means when I got home my mind couldn’t stop thinking, my stomach was sick and I really just wanted to curl up into a ball until the world, and all its problems, went away. If only, if only…

I didn’t do that, but I knew that I had to do something to get my mind off things if I had any hope in sleeping and so I realized it was 7:45, the sun hadn’t quite gone to bed yet and if I dressed really quickly I could get out and run for a half hour that I hadn’t originally planned on running.


I ran three miles and it was totally the right decision. I don’t think I realized how much pent up energy I had from the day. I had more stamina than usual and it was the first time in the entire day that my head wasn’t reeling from information overload. That felt amazing.

I realized after my run, that despite all the stress and fluctuating emotions of yesterday not once did I have even the slightest desire to turn to food as stress relief. Instead my first instinct was to run, which is a much healthier choice, and leaves me feeling better after as well!

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