One Direction!!

On Monday my friend and I went to the One Direction Concert in DC. We’ve been counting down the days ever since we got our tickets a few months ago and we were so excited when Monday finally arrived.

The concert was an experience to say the least. I have been to lots of concerts but I’ve never been to one in a stadium. As you can imagine the concert was completely sold out and all the attendees were preteen to teenage girls with a few parents interspersed for good measure.

We had a blast though! There was a little bit of rain, but it never down poured and I do wish that I had brought ear plugs (have you ever heard a stadium of girls screaming at the top of their lungs for a picture of One Direction being shown on a jumbotron, not to mention when they actually walk out on stage?). Still our seats were great and the show was terrific. I got some pictures, but unfortunately the zoom on my camera is awful so nothing up close. Besides I’m there to listen to music and enjoy, not take pictures and record.

We're so excited!
We’re so excited!
Five Seconds of Summer
Five Seconds of Summer
Post rain selfie
Post rain selfie
Right before 1D came out
Right before 1D came out

Unfortunately, the day after the concert I had to wake up really early for a work conference, and as a result was exhausted. So I decided to sleep instead of run after work, which was completely the right decision. I did go for a run yesterday which I am happy about but it looks like that’s all I’m going to get in for this week. Oh well! Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. I’ll be back at it next week in full force, and in the mean time I’ve been keeping up with my runtastic workouts!

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