Shaking Things Up!

I am boring.

Well, that’s a lie, (at least I hope it is, I hope I’m not a boring person) but my fitness routine is boring.

Before running I had spent a few years trying to find something I would enjoy and would stick with. The first thing I loved was Body Pump, but when paying for a gym membership didn’t fit into my budget I eventually shifted to running.

Initially, I was motivated to run because I didn’t want to die while running the 5k I had signed up for. That has since morphed into running because I enjoy it.

Which is great! I’m so glad that something I used to dread is now something I love. But that’s all I do. I run, I didn’t even stretch initially, mostly due to laziness.

I’ve remedied the no stretching thing (a fear of injury fixed that one real quick) but I still think the rest of my fitness routine needs to be seriously evaluated. My endurance is increasing, but my legs aren’t able to keep up they get tired long before I feel tired.

I also feel less flexible, and to be honest, as much as I love running it can be boring day after day even on my best weeks. So I’m going to shake things up!

  1. Interval training once a week. I started this two weeks ago and I really feel it’s made a huge difference. I’m going to continue this.
  2. Move during the day. I have an office job, and I sit for far too long during the day. My coworker challenged me to walk up and down the six flights of stairs in my building once every hour, or eight times a day. I’m going to try to do that for the next month and then reevaluate whether to continue.
  3. Yoga I enjoyed the yoga classes I took and now my boyfriend is interested in taking a yoga class with me. I’d like to get some of the flexibility back that I lost from running.
  4. Strength training. I hate strength training, so so much. I just get so bored! So I’m going to experiment with things here until I find what I like. I found some body weight exercises which I think may be the best place to start for me. I also need to work on my upper body. My legs have gotten toned and my arms are flabby, it’s a problem.


Obviously, I’ll be documenting my process here and I wouldn’t be surprised if this list changes over time. Any suggestions you have feel free to share. Let me know how you keep exercise fun and interesting.

2 thoughts on “Shaking Things Up!

  1. You are so lucky that your boyfriend wants to take yoga with you!! I got my husband to come to class with me one time. It was REALLY not his thing.

    I have the same issues at my job with the getting up and moving around thing. The tracker I’m reviewing right now does that thing where it buzzes you after sitting for an hour and I think that might be my favorite feature so far. I always get into this total work zone and forget to get up and move around!


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