Non Scale Victory Friday

Despite it being a busy week for me with my car brakes needing to be replaced and what not this week did seem to fly by. I can’t wait for this weekend. I’ll be going up to Pittsburgh to visit my sister who moved there at the beginning of the summer for work. I’ve never been to Pittsburgh so I’m eager to see what the city has to offer!

My non-scale victories for the week:

  1. I ran terrifically on Monday. If you missed it see here. But I kept an average pace of 10 minutes and it wasn’t even hard!
  2. I was feeling a little under the weather on Wednesday and Thursday, but I still got a track work out in on Thursday evening. I ran 4 miles and it felt awesome!
  3. I was running low on food this week and was scraping the barrel on what to eat. But yesterday I went to Aldi and bought a bunch of fruit vegetables and chicken for healthy meals to come! It’s always nice to have food.

That’s all for now! Have a great weekend and feel free to share your non-scale victories in the comments below!

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