It’s HOT But I’m Still Running!

After not getting to run at all last week I was so excited to get back into my routine this week. Yeah, you heard me right, I was excited. A year ago, I would have been excited about the week off from running, and that week off would have completely derailed my routine. In fact, I was often looking for excuses as to why I couldn’t run or workout.

“I am so behind on my TV shows! It would be irresponsible not to catch up!”

“My roommates want to get frozen yogurt? It would be rude to decline the invitation, roommate bonding time is important!”

I know I’m not the only one that has tried similar “excuses.” Don’t get me wrong, the mini running vacation was nice last week, and there was one day that I could have gone running but I chose to stay in and cook as I had run out of food. Still I missed running.

Let me repeat that: I MISSED running. I don’t think I realized how much I missed it until yesterday. Monday was rough. I went in to the run knowing it would be more of a run walk, but in case anyone in Maryland hasn’t noticed, it is HOT outside. My run walk turned into more of a walk run. I had forgotten how much the heat can affect you and I certainly hadn’t hydrated enough. Still being outside and moving is better than nothing and I didn’t let it discourage me.

Yesterday, however, was great! I didn’t reach my goal of running five miles because at 2.5 miles I felt exhausted and I was genuinely nervous about heat exhaustion. I had to sit down after my run before I stretched out. Still, I ran the entire 2.5 miles, and I’m not stressed about not getting the distance in, I have some time before my 10k on July 4th.

After my run, literally the only thing I could think about was frozen yogurt, my favorite summertime treat. So despite trying to watch my sugar intake I decided it was worth it and treated myself to some fro yo. I did forgo my usual candy toppings and stuck with just fruit. It was delicious, perfect, and cooled me right off!

Post run fro-yo selfie. It was delicious!
This is the face of someone who is excited for fro-yo!

Here’s to not letting one week off ruin a healthy lifestyle!

39 Thoughts I Had While Swimsuit Shopping

As I mentioned on Monday I recently found out that I need a new swimsuit because my old one has become far too large. YAY…..

It’s good news. It means I’m becoming healthier and my body is changing for the better. Still I wasn’t too excited.  I HATE swimsuit shopping, largely because long ago the boob fairy just wouldn’t let me be (don’t get it? watch the video for a good laugh!). I ventured over to the mall to try and find a swimsuit and it was interesting to say the least.

  1. I haven’t been to the mall in so long, I should come more often.
  2. Oh yeah, I’m poor, I’m not allowed to come more often.
  3. Okay! Elizabeth, we’re on a mission let’s find a swimsuit!
  4. Look at how cute this one is! I wonder if they have it in my size?
  5. Nope every size but mine, moving on!
  6. There is no way that this swimsuit will cover me I might as well use a postage stamp.
  7. Maybe if I go up a size the cup size will too.
  8. False, if anything this is smaller. How does that make any sense?
  9. This doesn’t look like something you can swim in…
  10. What’s the point in a SWIMsuit if you can’t SWIM in it?
  11. This is cute and in my size I’ll give it a shot.
  12. Wonder how much it costs?
  13. HOLY! Nevermind! Back on the rack
  14. Full Support! This is what I’m talking about!
  15. Ugly
  16. Ugly
  17. Ugly
  18. Why are all of these options ugly?
  19. Well this one is cute
  20. I like this one too.
  21. Okay I have some solid options time for the fitting room!
  22. Option 1. Let’s go!
  23. And HELLO Quadroboob….Didn’t know they could be squashed that way.
  24. NEXT!
  25. Well this one appears to fit. Let’s try the jump test
  26. Jump! Jump! Jump!
  27. Well if I wanted to give everyone on the beach a free show this is the perfect option!
  28. NEXT!
  29. Where do these straps go?
  30. Does it wrap around here?
  31. Or here?
  32. Wait is this for my leg
  33. Maybe my leg goes here?
  34. No…How long until I strangle myself with this swimsuit or hit my head on the bench from falling over?
  35. How long would it take them to find me if I died in here?
  36. I have a college degree and can’t figure out how to put on this swimsuit without injuring myself.
  37. NEXT!
  38. So I look like I have the body of an 80 year old in this suit…
  39. I GIVE UP!


As you can see my shopping expedition came up empty handed. I ended up purchasing a suit online from of all places Walmart!!!! Shocking I know! I found this cute number in red, it’s actually the same one I had before, and I loved the vintage quality and how flattering it is, plus $30 for a swimsuit?! Can’t beat that. Hopefully, it’ll still be just as flattering. I can’t tell you how many compliments I’d gotten while wearing my old one. I did really want to get a new style but I guess it just wasn’t in the cards this time, tried and true won out this time.