My Longest Run, and Foot Pain

Saturday was supposed to be a great day. I woke up early, to go for what would be my longest run ever. Nine miles. I was nervous since my eight mile run the previous week had been so tough. However, focusing on strength training and yoga this past week meant that I felt great for pretty much the entire nine miles, and feeling plenty confident for my fast approaching half marathon.

Then I got home and quickly hopped in the shower so I could get ready to go to the renaissance festival with my boyfriend and some friends. I don’t know why it happened then but all of a sudden my foot started hurting. Mildly at first and then getting progressively worse.

At first I reasoned it was just the same pain I always get in my flat feet, and I could just walk it off and stretch it a little while blow drying my hair. If I wore some old running shoes to Renn Fest I’d probably be fine. However, it became clear, very quickly that I was not going to be fine. I could barely put my whole body weight on my foot. So what did I do?

I freaked out and began obsessively googling stress fractures, convinced that was what I had.


My boyfriend was able to get me in to see his physical therapist for an emergency appointment at which point he confirmed my fears in saying it was either a stress fracture or plantar fasciitis, and ordered an MRI and no running until at least Wednesday.

I spent the rest of the day watching TV icing my foot and imagining all the ways my running career is over.

I can be a bit overdramatic.

The next day my foot felt so much better and it’s just been feeling better ever since, which makes me think this isn’t a stress fracture, I got the MRI done yesterday and have a follow up appointment on Thursday to get my results, and in the meantime I’m taking a break from running, with lots of rest, icing, foam rolling, and praying I’ll still be able to run the Baltimore Half Marathon.

Fall Weather and Hill Running

Monday I found out that summer is officially over and fall has begun when I woke up for my morning run at 6 am only to find that the sun was not out yet and it was a cool 45 degrees outside.

Let me repeat that, 45 degrees.

I know, that someone (probably most of you) are saying that’s not that bad, and it’s not bad running weather, but as we can see from this post from last year. I detest the cold, and any indication that this little corner of the earth is starting to move towards winter upsets me. I am a weird person that would prefer running in extremely hot temperatures over anything less than 50 degrees.

Ultimately, instead of taking advantage of waking up early successfully and going for the run anyways, I stayed on my couch wrapped in a blanket, because I did not want to go outside and risk being cold.

I am weak.

So I made up for it yesterday morning by waking up (a little bit later this time) seeing it was 50 degrees, which was only just bearable, and actually going for my run. Since I’m running the very hilly Baltimore half marathon in October I decided it was the perfect opportunity for some hill training.

I ran the third leg of the Baltimore relay last year so I’m aware of how hilly the course can be but my training really hasn’t reflected that. Unfortunately, where I run near my house is mostly all flat. My boyfriend’s house, however, has a lot of hills, and I’ve decided I really need to start taking full advantage of what he has while I’m at his place.

I found a steep, and particularly windy hill to run up and down and it was overall a great workout! I definitely think I’ll be returning to this hill before my half marathon in October for more hill intervals.

At the end of all my running. And yes, there was a fallen tree in the middle of the path, just made things more interesting.


Now, if only I could get my warm weather back…

Five things that help me combat stress!

I’m linking up with the Mar, Cynthia and Courtney for the Friday Five for the first time in a while. This week is a free day so I’ve decided that my topic is going to be stress, specifically the five things I do to ensure that I combat stress!

It’s the start of a new semester and while I don’t think that things will be as crazy as they were in the spring (Saturday classes about did me in), I know things will definitely get stressful. I feel like I’m currently in the calm before the storm right now, and I honestly think this weekend is going to be my last weekend where I don’t feel like I have something looming over my head. The projects are about to start!

So with that in mind, I know I need to keep my sanity!

I love crafting, mainly crocheting and jewelry making, but I dabble in so many other things as well, and during the school year there are few things more relaxing than crocheting for a few minutes during a study break. I’m able to turn my brain off and focus on the stitches, plus I
end up making something really cool!

This is a new one for me, but I recently dove into the world of adult coloring! I saw an article about it and immediately went to Amazon to buy Enchanted Forest and Secret Garden by Johanna Bassford. The pictures are so beautiful, and it’s the great way to end a stressful day.


This wouldn’t be a proper list if I didn’t include running on here. I always make sure to make time to go for a run, especially if I feel things are starting to get crazy. Running outside and enjoying the nature and just being in my head allows me to feel at peace. It’s a good thing this one is on my list because I’ll be running a lot more as my half marathon approaches, eek!


I didn’t do the best job of prioritizing this last semester. While I didn’t pull any all nighters I definitely stayed up later than I should have a few times. One of my biggest goals for this semester is to aim for at least 7 ½ hours of sleep a night, hopefully I can work my way up to 8 hours eventually. I always just feel better when I have a full night’s rest.

My boyfriend
I can hear the “awws” now! However, he is so incredibly supportive of everything I do from going to grad school, which I know takes up more of my free time than he’s happy with, and all the running I do. I always know I can rely on him to keep me steady if I feel that things are getting out of control.

Sometimes were a bit crazy...
Sometimes were a bit crazy…

Hopefully, I’ll be able to use all of this for this coming semester.

What are some things that help to keep you calm?