Spring Break in Chicago, and Zoo Trips

It’s spring break! This means I (finally) have a one week break from work and class (kind of, I still have homework), and I’m in Chicago visiting my grandparents. Monday was a beautiful day 72 degrees and sunny, and I was stuck in the car driving from Ohio to Chicago, I would have preferred to be running.

By the time we got settled into the hotel, and stopped by my grandparents’ house for a quick hello, I was too tired to think about doing anything other than sleep, so that’s exactly what I did.

Saturday was spent driving to Pittsburgh where my mom and I spent Sunday with my sister. We got to go to the zoo, which was cold, but lots of fun! Also I love animals so it’s the perfect way to spend a Sunday.

I got to see

Polar Bears20150315_122926

Pink Jellyfish


And majestic penguins! They were my favorite.


I also promised myself that I would run as much as possible on this trip. I’ve only really been back at it for about a week now, and the last thing I want to do is lose my momentum. Luckily the hotel we’re staying at has a fitness room that has everything I need.

While I would prefer to run outside, I have a scarily bad sense of direction that doesn’t go well with new unfamiliar locations. I may have convinced myself that running outside would mean getting horribly lost and going missing. I may or may not be prone to over dramatization.

So far I’ve run twice, and Tuesday I managed to run four miles, before my ankle started acting up and I called it quits. Which is far better than what I’ve been managing recently: two miles in thirty minutes, with lots of walking before I have to call it quits.

I’m still trying to figure out whether or not I’ll be ready for a half marathon at the end of May. As far as my stamina goes, I know it won’t be an issue, but my ankle is another story. As much as I’d rather not, I’ll be taking it slow and holding off a little longer on registering for the Zooma Half.

Do you like zoos? What’s your favorite animal?

Friday Five: A Day In The Life Of MOI!

After a couple weeks off I’m excited to be participating in the Friday Five with Courtney, Cynthia and Mar. This week’s topic? A day in the life of.


I have to admit. I didn’t quite know how to approach this one. I have so much on my plate that each day is different from the last. The only thing that’s consistent is going to work from 9 to 5 and even that isn’t the same on Fridays where I work from 8 to 4 instead.

So I’m going to keep it simple and just go over how Thursday was.

7:00 AM – I spent the night at my boyfriend’s so I have to wake up earlier than normal to get ready for work. My original plan was to wake up at 5:30 so I could go running but after a lengthy debate with my boyfriend the night before, he (somehow) convinced me that getting 7 ½ hours of sleep before a midterm was more important than waking up early enough to go running. He was being so annoying I let him win, but by yesterday evening I was so so glad I took his advice, even if I was annoyed that I couldn’t squeeze in a run.

7:30 AM – I’m out the door to drive to work. I can leave for work at 8 but that means I have to take the ICC and pay $4. If I can leave thirty minutes earlier I can take the back roads that are cheaper, more scenic, but also a little longer.

9-5 – Work! I work for a university as an advisor/recruiter/paper pusher/little bit of everything. I like my job and every day is different. Thursday was very busy, which was good because I didn’t have enough time to worry about my impending midterm.

My work family!
My work family!

5-6 – Rush to Harris Teeter to pick up some healthy munchies, grapes and popcorn, so I won’t be hungry during my midterm, I don’t have a lot of food in the house because I’m trying to eat it all before I leave for Chicago on Saturday, I also knew I wasn’t going to have time to cook dinner so grapes and popcorn it was!

6-9:00 – IT’S MIDTERM TIME!! The midterm was take home, but timed, and we still couldn’t use notes or anything. Despite all my stressing out, once I received it I breathed a sigh of relief, because I knew how to answer every question, my studying paid off! I’m scared to be too confident though, because what if I jinx myself, but I’m pretty sure I did well on it.

8:30-12 – I finished my midterm with 30 minutes to spare, and then it was time to unwind, catch up on the Mindy Project, talk to my boyfriend, do laundry, start packing for Chicago, get started on some more studying that needs to be done, Snapchat with my sister, work on my blog post for today, crochet for a bit because I need to do something that is relaxing and doesn’t involve looking at a screen, look at the clock, freak out because it’s an hour later than I wanted to go to bed, and finally, SLEEP!

I know that’s actually 6 things but I couldn’t fit it all into 5 things! I also don’t know if seeing my entire day spelled out makes me feel more or less stressed…

What munchies would be your favorite picks?

Everything tastes better in a Crepe and Other Life Lessons

It’s been a little bit since I’ve been able to update (not having a working computer makes that a bit difficult) but I’m finally back with a working computer! I know everyone is as excited as I am.

So what exactly have I learned from this unexpected time off from the blog?

1. Working full time, and taking two grad school classes is no joke, and then just add on the fact that my computer was broken so I couldn’t do any homework at home. This has felt like one very elaborate juggle act, is it summer yet?

2. If I never see this screen again in my life I will be a happy woman.


3. Also in the six years since college I have definitely not missed studying for midterms.

At least my study buddies are keeping me company!
At least my study buddies are keeping me company!

4. I really love snow days that create unexpected four day weekends. I have, however, really started to hate the snow.

5. Sprained ankles are the worst, but your first week back at the gym feels amazing!!


6. I have gone a little overboard since my return to running and have started to sign up for every race I can think of…I may need to tone it down a bit.

7. Everything tastes better wrapped in a crepe! I learned how to make crepes and I may or may not have eaten one for lunch and one for dinner yesterday. That’s a crepe filled with avocado hummus, feta, mushrooms and caramelized onions, YUM!

Yes, it is sitting on a textbook. That is my life now.
Yes, it is sitting on a textbook. That is my life now.


8. Games on the rowing machine at the gym make things fun, even if I am not very good at them.


9. White grapefruit doesn’t taste any different from regular grapefruit.


10. Small apples also don’t taste any different from regular sized apple, but they’re MINI, and cute!


11. New running shoes are the best!


12. Wanting to go for a run and then realizing that you left your sports bra at your boyfriend’s, however, is not the best.

13. And lastly, with a midterm coming up on Thursday night what I really should be doing is studying, or sleeping.