New Car!!

I have a new car! I have a new car! That’s right, on Saturday I drove away with a brand new Honda Civic! I love it so far and am so incredibly relieved that the entire process is over! It’s blue, which I love, and just overall a great car for me. I mean check it out who wouldn’t love it? Now it just needs a name (Yes, I name my cars).

10665706_10101704609515845_2990235448167453693_n 1962747_10101704609625625_9119149785410296778_n

I am just a tiny bit obsessed.

I was also very excited yesterday to go running with my relay team for the Baltimore relay. Only three of us could make it but I had a great time! I am more of a solo runner and have only run with a group or a friend a handful of times. Mostly because trying to schedule a run with another equally busy person is a headache and a half.

Still we wanted to meet and run together at least once before our race on the 18th. We ran 4.3 miles around Catonsville and it was great. I’ve been very lazy with my running recently, which means I have been giving up way to easily and start walking before I actually should.

Well I wasn’t able to do that this time, because I certainly wasn’t going to start walking if they weren’t going to! To be honest, I didn’t even need to stop and walk, and this was  one of the best runs I’ve had in a long time. My legs were so tired after, probably due to all the hills we ran. I chilled out in my compression sleeves while I ate dinner and I’ll definitely be using the foam roller at my gym again this week!

Did you have any thing exciting happen this weekend?

Non Scale Victory Friday!


Another week has passed, and that means it’s Non-Scale Victory Friday! The last two days have been so dreary with all the rain we’ve gotten so I was very happy to see the sun today, just in time for the weekend!

Let me know what your non scale victories for the week are in the comments below and now onto mine!

1. I’ve been using the bag my boyfriend got me for my birthday present, and it’s terrific. My favorite part? My running shoes don’t touch any of my other clothes!


2. I ran twice this week! I’m getting back into my regular schedule, and I’m still not using my GPS watch! Next week will be harder though (I’m so busy!) So I’m going to have to get creative. Maybe some morning workouts? We’ll see, that didn’t work out so well the last time, I do love my snooze button.

3. Yesterday, when I got off work the rain had stopped. Still, I had no idea what it was doing by my house, or what it would be doing 10-60 minutes from then. I opted for working out at the gym at my work instead. It’s the second time I’ve gone there, and I had a great strength training workout, plus….

4. I noticed they had a foam roller and I got unnaturally excited. I have never tried foam rolling, but I’ve heard great things about it, so I went to Pinterest to find exercises found this and got to work. OH MY GOODNESS if you haven’t tried foam rolling you need to stop what you are doing and try it. It hurt so much, but felt so amazing. I had no idea my legs and hips were so tight! There were other people in the gym, so I had to make a conscious effort not to yell out in pain as I was doing it. Needless to say I’m obsessed now.

I'm doing the calves exercise. It's hard to take a foam rolling selfie, so this is what you get.
I’m doing the calves exercise. It’s hard to take a foam rolling selfie, so this is what you get.

Well, have a great weekend, hopefully I’ll have a new car this weekend to show off on Monday!

Panda watching!

I managed to make some progress on my car search this past weekend (YAY!). Now I know what I want, what I want to pay for it, and all that’s left is actually purchasing it. That should be happening soon!

Other than car shopping I had a great weekend. My mom and I went to the National Zoo together on Sunday. Pandas are my favorite animal, and I hadn’t gotten the chance to see Bao Bao since she was born. She’s a year old but she was still cute, even though I couldn’t see much of her! She was so lazy, not that I blame her I would love to lay around all day!

Let's play find the baby panda!
Let’s play find Bao Bao!
Sleeping and eating, my two favorite things!


There were other animals, besides pandas at the zoo too….

In other news I finally got my birthday present from my boyfriend! A full 34 days late, but who’s counting? To his credit he didn’t forget my birthday it just took this long for it to ship. I have been coveting the Gaiam Everything Fits bag for a while. I change into my running gear at work before I leave and it looked like the perfect option for what I need, plus it’s purple! I especially liked the separate compartment for your shoes so they don’t get everything dirty.

Well being that I don’t tend to hint around for what I want for presents, he knew that I wanted a gym bag that was purple, but had no idea which one I wanted. So he got me a bag for my birthday that he had every intention of returning so that I could be surprised and tell him which one I actually wanted. A couple shipping mishaps later and I got my beautiful bag this past Friday, and so far I love it!

I got it just in time to go running even more this week. It feels so much better to be on a consistent schedule for running that works for me! I heard talk that there’s supposed to be a lot of rain coming. I’m hoping that’s just a dirty lie and I’ll be able to run on Thursday, but if it does it’ll be the perfect excuse to cross train!

Non Scale Victory Friday!

I felt like Friday couldn’t come soon enough this week! If we’re being honest I’m just staring at the clock today willing it to be time for me to leave. I don’t have a particularly exciting weekend lined up, but I’ll be enjoying the weather while car shopping. Also, I guess potentially getting a new car is exciting as well!

It was a great week overall! Coming off the relaxing weekend I had was definitely what I needed to recharge, and aside from accidentally locking my car keys in the trunk yesterday, whoops! I didn’t have anything terribly stressful, which was a nice change of pace!

Onto my non-scale victories for the week! Remember to share your victories in the comments below. I love reading them!

  1. I registered for the Baltimore Relay! I’ve been wanting to do the Baltimore Running Festival, but didn’t feel confident enough to do the half marathon, but also couldn’t find anyone to do the relay with me. Then a friend of me texted to let me know her wife was looking for a fourth runner for her relay team and I jumped at the chance! I’m so excited to run this race and I can’t wait!
  2. However, that means I have to be a bit more diligent with my running than I have been. Since I haven’t had any 10Ks coming up I’ve been running 5Ks pretty consistently. Once I realized I’d have to run 6 miles I had a little bit of panic as I haven’t done that in a hot second. So I laced up those running shoes and ran 4.3 miles around my neighborhood. Made me much more confident that I’ll be at 6 miles by the time the race comes around in October.
  3. I am still not running with my GPS watch, and it feels amazing, I’ve been able to remind myself why I grew to love running in the first place. I feel so much better and more positive when I do go for a run. It actually makes the time pass by so much quicker now that my routine doesn’t consist of: run, check distance, .5 miles terrific! Run some more, I must be at 2 miles, check watch .6 miles. WHAT THE?!?!
  4. I ran those 4.3 miles in the morning!!! This is shocking for me. Unless I’m racing, or meeting a friend for running and brunch and mimosas I never run in the morning. However, on Wednesday I was able to go into work late, so instead of sleeping in I woke up at my usual time and went for a run instead. I felt so great about it that I decided to set my alarm for 5:45 on Thursday and go for another morning run. Yeah….that was a complete failure, the alarm went off and I just said “NOPE!” turned off the alarm and went back to sleep until my regularly scheduled wake up time. Oh well! Baby steps.

Have a great weekend everyone! Hopefully on Monday this time I’ll have a new car to show you all!

Macaroons and Balancing Acts!

I have had weeks of stress, furniture shopping, car accidents and car shopping have not made for relaxing times. Honestly it feels like go go go, and I’m just ready to stop stop stop.

The coast definitely isn’t clear yet, but my boyfriend and I decided to take the weekend off from all the craziness. My car still isn’t resolved, fighting with the auto body shop and insurance company has been loads of fun, but stressing about it this past weekend wouldn’t make it get resolved any quicker.

I am so glad we decided to do that! The original plan was to go away for the weekend, but that quickly dissolved for a variety of reasons. Instead we stayed local, but had just as much, if not more, fun doing that!

Saturday we spent the day in Georgetown. After the rain stopped in the morning it was the perfect weather for it! We got crepes at this cute little café that’s a favorite of mine called Snap for lunch and then walked around Georgetown for the afternoon. I tried my first macaroon ever at this place called Olivia Macaron. I was too excited about trying them that I forgot to take a picture of them! So I took a picture of the shop instead. I ended up getting a Salted Caramel, and a Cassis. They were both great but the Salted Caramel was my favorite.

Yummy macaroons!
Yummy macaroons!


We finished our day with some late night frozen yogurt, my favorite!


Monday I learned that we completely failed during our time at Georgetown. Apparently, at the exact time we were there an event called Taste of Georgetown was also occurring that showcases local restaurants. We would have loved it and we were only one street away! That’s what we get for not researching before hopping in the car!

Sunday we made our way to the Annapolis Renaissance Festival which is always a great time. My favorite part was when we stumbled upon the Barely Balanced show just as it was starting. Those three were hilarious and so talented! My muscles hurt from watching some of the stuff they were pulling off!

You can’t really tell but they’re a “human water fountain” so they’re spitting water out of their mouths.

In other news I’m back to my regularly scheduled running, finally! I’m still not using my GPS watch for the time being so I can just focus on using running to help me distress, but I’ll have to pull it out soon because I signed up for the Baltimore Relay on October 18th! I’m very excited and I feel much more comfortable running that as opposed to the half marathon which I’m not quite ready for yet.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

Friday Recap!

Has it been a crazy week for anyone else? I can’t believe it has taken this long to get to Friday, but boy am I glad it is Friday! I decided to not do Non-Scale Victory Friday this week since I did that on Monday instead. It’s been a weird week, no reason to change that today!

Since my accident on Thursday it feels like so much has happened. I’ve already started going car shopping (even though I have yet to hear back from my insurance company). It’s been hard at times, but I’ve tried to stay as positive as possible throughout this entire ordeal.

I wanted to go running a lot more than I did this week, to keep my mind off everything and help me destress but things really didn’t go as planned. I already wrote how I went running on Monday and then skipped Tuesday because I had some errands that needed to get done.

Wednesday I was excited and ready to go running after work and before my grad class. At 5 I went to the bathroom, changed into my running gear and then went back to my office to put on my running shoes. It was at that point I realized that I only packed one running shoe. The other was patiently waiting for me in my room at home. How convenient!

This was not the first time I had left something at home that I needed to work out. Last week I left my sports bra at home. Usually, I can make do. However, there isn’t much you can do with just one shoe. After I recovered from the disappointment, I opted for shopping, at least I got to do something enjoyable.

I didn’t go running last night either I needed to cook up a ton of vegetables that were about to go bad, so I did that instead. I made roasted carrots for the first time ever. They were delicious! I also finally applied my Jamberrys. So far I like them!


The nail design!
The nail design!
The running girl design is so cute!
The running girl design is so cute!

I’m not upset that I didn’t get out more than I usually do this week, but my legs are feeling so restless! It’s been so long since I took a break from running, and I can tell my body doesn’t like it. Luckily this weekend my boyfriend and I are planning to do be outside, and hopefully do some hiking, and I’ve already planned out my running schedule for next week!

Have a great weekend! Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? Let me know in the comments!

Running For Fun!

It’s been six days since my accident and I’m still a bit emotional. Monday was the first day I drove for longer than 10 minutes, and yesterday I was back to my normal commute. Needless to say I needed a very large glass of wine at the end of both days to calm my nerves a bit. Betty White is quickly becoming my spirit animal.

Betty White

Needless to say, this week’s focus has been all about relaxing. What better way to calm my nerves than through running? I’ve only been able to go running on Monday (I had errands yesterday that needed to be done) but it definitely helped to relieve some stress.

I was a little short on time so instead of driving anywhere I just went for a short run around my neighborhood. I forwent my GPS watch, I didn’t pay attention to the time, and I just ran. It felt great. I’ve been focused recently on how far I’m running and how fast I’m running. I have been working hard at increasing my endurance so I can run longer without stopping.

I forgot about all those goals on Monday, and just did what felt good. I don’t know how long I ran, how far I ran, or what my speed was. I ran a lot, walked a little and did some stretching when I felt like stretching. Running just to feel good was exactly what I needed. For the first time since the accident I was able to clear my mind and relax.

For the time being I’m going to be running without my GPS watch until I feel that I’m emotionally back to normal. My mental well being is far more important than the mileage goals I had set forth for myself. Plus the only race I have coming up is a 5k that I’m completely confident about. There’s no justifiable reason to have to push myself at this point.

In other news the girly girl in me is super excited because the Jamberrys I ordered came in this past weekend. I was all ready to try them on Monday….

See! All ready!

and then I didn’t because I ran out of time, so I just quickly painted my nails this awesome purple.

I do love this color though.


However, I have plans to try them so soon. I even got a running themed one!! If you’ve never heard of Jamberrys they’re basically stick on nail designs. I’ll talk more about them in a later post.

Hope everyone is having a great week! What do you do to relax when you’re stressed out?

Non Scale Victory Monday?

Thursday was eventful to say the least. It started off great.  The week was almost over I was excited to go running in the evening. All good things. Then on the drive to the park, I rear ended someone. I rear ended them bad. To be honest I don’t remember much of the accident but I do remember suddenly realizing my airbags were deployed and my engine was smoking,  and that I needed to turn off my car and get out.

I’m fine, the other person is fine. My car is not. I haven’t been officially told, but my car is probably totaled, meaning this weekend was full of car shopping.

I was a wreck for the rest of the evening and could not stop crying. Have you ever cried so much you literally dehydrate yourself and use up all your tears and then you start dry crying. Yeah that happened.

Thursday night I was talking to my boyfriend and he pointed out. “Isn’t it great that you have a ton of healthy ways at your disposal to deal with something like this?” He’s right.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to talk about this here but I think it’s important to stay positive about  life when things like this happen.

1. I am alive and unhurt, and so is the other driver. This is the most important. I have no bruises or cuts and I am alive. My car can be replaced, I cannot.

2. I have so many people that love and support me. I was picked up by a family friend, and my boyfriend came rushing to my house as soon as he heard. My parents drove an hour and a half to come to my house for probably 30 minutes just to make sure that I was okay.

Overall, it could have be so much worse. I’m still stressed out about the whole thing, my eye hasn’t stopped twitching since Thursday! I already have a fear of driving that this just made a lot worse so I’m nervous about having to drive for longer than the ten minutes at a time I’ve been doing daily since Friday.

I haven’t been running since, and to be honest, because that’s where I was headed I’m nervous about driving back to the park to go running. Still I know that it’ll probably be the best thing for my nerves and I’m hoping to squeeze in a short run this afternoon around my neighborhood.

Hoping to have happier updates for next time!



Bad runs and a blogiversary!

I had a great Labor day weekend, even if it was shorter than I wanted it to be! On the plus side my boyfriend and I finished furniture shopping for his house (for now). Now the only thing left is to move in, and then decide he needs more furniture and we start the process again! I kid….but not really.

I took the entire long weekend off from running so on Tuesday I was excited to get back out there. I went in with high hopes. I was going to run five miles, I was feeling hopeful.

Then a couple things happened. I realized it was hot, really hot, and humid, really humid. Honestly, that was alright, I would just not worry about my speed at all and take it easy. Then when I got to the park I realized I had left my GPS watch at home. This was discouraging but actually ended up being a blessing in disguise.

I started off my run okay, but a few minutes in my legs were not feeling it and I was tired. I’m used to that first mile sucking sometimes so I told myself I had to push through before it would get better. I pushed a little past a mile, but then I started getting a cramp and I had to stop. I never get cramps anymore! The rest of the route was a combination of running and walking.

Once I finished the 2.5 mile loop it was starting to thunder and drizzle, which I was EXTREMELY grateful for because it gave me an excuse to not even try for the second loop and go home. The last thing I wanted to do was keep running. It was hot and muggy, the weather was becoming worse by the minute, my legs felt like lead, I was cramping, and I was generally feeling unmotivated to push myself. The only saving grace was that I didn’t have my GPS watch to compulsively check every five seconds while I ran.

Having a run like that always sucks. Especially when you go in with such high expectations. However, in the end it’s all about attitude and what you learn from it. (Like I learned is that I need to drink more water during the day if it’s going to be that hot!! Well, I already knew that but a reminder is always nice.) One bad run isn’t going to kill my progress, I’ll just run harder next time!

On another note, I’ve got my second grad school class tonight and access to the gym at my work/school building. I’m going to go check out the equipment and do some strength training between the two hours when I get off work and start class.

Also I realized last week, and then subsequently didn’t mention it, it has been 3 months since I started this blog! It’s crazy that it’s only been that long, and I’m so happy with the positive effects it’s had on my life!