Non Scale Victory Friday!

No intro today, just going right into it.

1. I’m back to my previous mileage! This was the first time since the sprained ankle that I was able to run 5 miles without stopping (okay maybe I stopped for 3 very small hills that I really didn’t feel like running). Now I feel more comfortable considering the Baltimore Half, although I may still need more convincing.
2. Someone brought Krispy Kreme donuts into the office yesterday. They looked delicious.


Plus I have been craving a donut for some time now, but it’s really easy to resist when getting a donut would require walking to my car, starting my car, driving to the donut shop, picking the donut, spending money until I can finally eat it (I’m really lazy). However, when they’re just sitting in the office kitchen staring at you it’s a bit harder. The victory? I didn’t cave and have a donut. Instead, I ate the lunch I brought, including a bowl full of fruit which helped stave off the sugar monster.

3. I started walking up and down the stairs once every hour at my office to keep me from sitting at my desk all day without moving.
4. I took a walk outside with some coworkers, it was great to get moving and enjoy the beautiful weather we’re currently enjoying.

Feel free to share your non-scale victories in the comments below, I love reading them! Have a great weekend!